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Share Your Story • Noriko Otsuki • August 14, 2013


---Congratulations Curiosity !!! It is amazing, like a miracle what we can do--- Long time ago already, we enjoyed Dr. Carl Sagan's Science series by National Broad Cast(NHK) in Japan about space and another life form in space. Maybe because of his tone of voice or the way he talked, he looked so confident what he was talking about in the series and made us believe what he was informing us was all true. He had such a great gift and had a wonderful opportunity to serve it to everyone and of course especially for himself. No special scientific knowledge about space needed to understand the series. Somehow, it was the first click for me to think about outside of our mother Earth.

I believe "we are not alone" in space. There is something, something it can communicate with us. Some kind of energy source. We can see some but it is limited. We can hear some but its range is not wide enough to catch everything. Feeling might be the best tool. Hummm.... Every single of us have its own frequency. Frequency matters a lot to share or communicate with others I assume. It is not possible to connect with one who or which has different frequencies. I might have it which they can contact-I wish. If they do, what is the first message to us. Can not wait ! SERIOUSLY ! I received Planetary T-shirts. It is cool. I will enjoy it. Thank you.

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