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Share Your Story • Jessica Pike • July 1, 2013

A curiosity party...

A curiosity party...

When all the buzz started about Curiosity landing on Mars, I was finally able to get people excited about space exploration. I had my grandparents throw a Mars themed party, we barbequed and watched all the coverage we could find for hours! My grandmother even made a table centerpiece with red sand and a rover. We couldn't believe we would have to wait seconds to know if Curiosity was safe. We gathered around the television and watched as step by step, the landing procedures were performed. The tension was palpable! Cheering erupted all round the room when Curiosity was safe and down. Not to mention the tears at seeing that first image that we thought for sure wouldn't come till morning. Just knowing we were dawning on a new era of the exploration of Mars, and the hope we had for finally answering "What's out there?"

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