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Share Your Story • Suranga Ruhunusiri • March 27, 2012

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

When gazing at the night sky, it is unavoidable to be mesmerized by its beauty. It has held us spellbound since the earliest man looked upon it and wondered what is out there. It has resulted in our endeavor to venture out there and to search for an answer to the question "What is our place in this grand scheme of things ?”

But when we look out there, sometimes we forget the beauty right here on planet Earth. That is why I have decided to submit a photo of one of the marvels of our own Earth—the Grand Canyon—to MySky. This was taken last December on a flight en route to Los Angeles.

One day, the astronauts who will visit Mars may get a similar glimpse of Valles Marineris.

—Suranga Ruhunusiri
Iowa City, Iowa

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