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David King

David King head shot

David King

David King is a Professor and Director of Concepts of Science at Auburn University. His current research interest is the effect of asteroid and comet impact upon Earth history and the stratigraphic record. His current research projects include studies of (1) Wetumpka impact crater in Elmore County, Alabama; (2) Cretaceous-Tertiary impact-boundary stratigraphy in the Gulf Coastal plain and in Belize and adjacent Mexico; (3) other impact structures, including Chesapeake Bay crater in Virginia, and possible impact structures including the Kilmichael structure in Mississippi, and (4) stratigraphy and petroleum geology of Belize, Central America. In 1982, while doing field studies in Montgomery County, Alabama, he discovered the most complete eastern North American tyrannosaurid dinosaur, which belongs to Auburn University. He is the author of a book on this subject titled Alabama Dinosaurs. Since 1980, Dr. King has supervised over 20 geology graduate-student (MS) thesis projects. He is the author of over 100 scientific papers, over 250 scientific abstracts, and over 50 other papers and monographs related to pedogogy and public understanding of science.

Biographical information courtesy of Auburn University.

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