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Share Your Story • Doug Currie • December 5, 2013

possibility of fundamentally different life beyond our solar system

Of course I can't say for sure but although DNA has worked well on earth and all known earth life is based on it I think there are other possibilities for life beyond earth. This could involved other amino acids than the ones in DNA, or other chemicals such as silicon, arsenic, sulfur or perhaps fluorine or chlorine or sodium for example instead of some of the atoms in DNA or some other geometry than the double helix. There could also be quite different planets or animals made of something like DNA or the above materials. With stars of different wavelengths such as red dwarfs there could also be plants etc. more sensitive to those wavelengths. If there is substantial amounts in different ratios than atoms and molecules on earth there could also be different colors and compositions of clouds, liquids, sky or rocks than on earth. I am not sure which of these could support life but creation has also been demonstrated to be more versatile than we thought before we discovered extrasolar planets.

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