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Share Your Story • Melvyn Emanuel • December 5, 2013


For me the movie "Contact", excited, and said it all; from the wonder in making a radio connection with an alien sentient species, to how we "meet" them, to returning to our home planet in one's own lifetime, just like it would happen here on Earth--ie. discover a new friend; make a date; meet up and return home to savour the wonder, pleasure and joy of our new found experience. Mankind finds a way of faster travel to the stars (are there such things as wormholes?), we will never individually have that pleasure of "meeting",and savouring, what we have discovered, no matter how exciting the discovery itself may be. Could it be that in the end, that "discovery", turns to frustration? To quote Jodie Foster--"If there is "no one" else out there, what a dreadful waste of space that would be." , if a person, like myself, believes, deep in his core, that it is impossible for Space to be empty of other sentient life, it is more than sad, that Mankind will never know, meet, and be able to savour such an event, should the "discovery" occur. More importantly, how tragic, that no one actively researching and developing faster methods of inter-stellar travel, now or in the future, will either.

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