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Share Your Story • Rob Dorsey • December 6, 2013

To Infinity And Beyond

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am not an astronomer but a Theoretical Physicist and therefore my visions tend to sound a bit far fetched in a world where the core body of Quantum Physics itself sounds loony. But, that said, to reach our ultimate goal, that of moving Earth's population to safer quarters, effort in my area and yours must be devoted to the discovery, advancement and implementation of space/time warp travel or else we are asking too much of humanity. The idea of populations surviving for thousands of years on planet sized spacecraft is, in my opinion, the loonier proposition.

So called "warp drive" must be pursued with the same zeal and passion as was the sailing ship or Conestoga wagon in another era. It alone seems to be our ticket to the stars, and their habitable planets.

With All Respect,

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