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Share Your Story • Ron Riedell • December 6, 2013

Strike me pink

I imagine that the universe has a huge diversity of colors, shapes and life forms. The shapes such as ocean waves and glaciers etc will be strongly affected by gravity

The colors will be driven by the colored light from the suns, the temperature of the planet surfaces and the materials that the planets are made of.

On low gravity planets, I can imagine immense waves travelling slowly across the oceans and catching the mauve light from the reddish sun as it sets in the west.

The life forms will be totally different from earth. I can imagine a world without predators, where natural selection has favoured the cooperation of species rather than the exploitation of species. This world will be totally foreign to us and we will terrify the residents.

If we can convince the residents to allow a couple of vegetarians from earth to live among them for awhile the information that they gather will be astonishing to us.

I believe that the destiny of the human race, is to be involved in the exploration of the universe. Why aren't we living on the moon and Mars?

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