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Share Your Story • William Lee Kohler • December 11, 2013

Star Wars Universe

We will begin to find worlds like Yavin IV with orbiting habitable moons, Like Hoth; cold but habitable, hopefully like Endor with its great forests and temperate climate and hopefully tropical ones as well. Will we find an ocean world like Cachalot or one that is so rainy it is a mass of swamps and wetlands or a world like tattooine that is desert but habitable? So many different possibilities await and I believe they all exist. Will we meet humans who have been taken there already by some of our alien visitors or humans who are of our same genetic make up but not from earth? We already know that solar systems are NOT stacked up the way our so called "scientists" thought they were just 20 years ago so the possibilities are almost endless and I want to see them all.

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