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Share Your Story • Al Navarro • December 10, 2013

Space Exploration Is the Next Logical Step for Mankind

Dan, Like you, I consider myself a child of the space age. I was in junior high school when Sputnik went up, and Sputnik and all that followed had a huge impact on me as I realized that the age of human exploration of the cosmos had actually arrived. To me it is obvious that space is the next great frontier, and that its exploration is the destiny of mankind. The unanswered question is how soon and how urgently will we pursue this destiny. I am dismayed when I see decision-makers in our country place a low priority on space exploration, and I am happy that there is a grass-roots organization called The Planetary Society to urge (and prod) these decision-makers to do the right thing. For those who say that we must delay space exploration until we have solved the problems here on earth, I would respond that this is just a way of saying that space exploration is not a priority. It will be a very long time before we've solved the major problems here on earth, and space exploration cannot be held hostage to this -- it is too important to our future.

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