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Share Your Story • Jordan Moller • December 5, 2013

One Iota of Life

If but one single iota of the smallest, most primitive form of life is found on another world, and we are assured beyond any shadow of a doubt it was not a "passenger" upon a space-bound craft of space exploration sent by us, it will change the world forever. Entire theologies and philosophies will have no choice but to evolve with the new information, that life is not the private province of our own big, blue marble in the cosmos. Whether the form of life found is simple or complex, if it is also less comparatively advanced as we consider ourselves on Earth, we will be filled with a sense of stewardship, that we must not hinder or destroy such a precious find. With the wealth of possibilities that our ever-more advancing astronomical eyes provide us with for life elsewhere, that moment of discovery, that far shore yet un reached, will change how we see ourselves in the universe. For the first time in recorded history, we will gaze back upon ourselves, and realize, that we are ourselves "aliens" with respect to another world...and that moment will be glorious indeed. For all of us.

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