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Share Your Story • Thomas Madden • December 8, 2013

Expectation of Life on Earth Like Planet

Before the probe is launched there will be extensive observations of the exoplanet from earth based, spaced based and moon based large telescope arrays. It will be determined that there is no life communicating via electromagnetic waves. Therefore no intelligent life is expected. There is oceans and dry land and oxygen in the atmosphere. We have already risked beaming both RF signals and laser beams of various wavelengths with no response. So I do not expect a hostile race of insects as in Starship Troopers or Ender's Game. Nor do I expect the Borg. If the machines have taken over and all carbon based intelligent life has been terminated, then we should have pick up the machines communication among themselves.

So what I expect we will find is a large variety of life forms both in the oceans and on the land and maybe in the air similar but definitely different to the ones on Earth that existed 65 million years ago before the asteroid impact. There probably will not be any mammal like life forms or any primate like life forms.

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