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Share Your Story • Ciro Villa • December 11, 2013

A Common Cause

As member of this prestigious society, I mostly value being a part of a group of people that share that same passion for space and planetary exploration. This is both a badge of honor, and a tremendous source of pride. I can't help but relishing in that incredible feeling triggered by the knowledge that I am also sharing the same ideals, the same dreams, goals and the same belief in the paramount importance of focusing efforts and giving high priority to the human endeavors of continuing the exploration of our Universe in order to make incredible new discoveries. The realization that this is the right thing to do, not merely as the human spirit is intrinsically driven to the discovery of what's out there to understand our very nature as a part of this Universe, but also to appreciate how progress in space exploration can and will reflect in tangible improvements in science and technology here on Earth and ultimately in the improvement of the quality of the human condition.

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