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Share Your Story • Oliver Featherston • December 7, 2012

Why Space STLL Fascinates Me!

For me, it all started back in 1956 when I got an astronomy book from the Library On Wheels in Brooklyn NY. I was fascinated by the immensity of the numbers, i.e., the speed of light, light years, distances in miles of space objects, the diameter of our sun. That Christmas I asked for a telescope, got it, then went to scanning the night skies from my 6th floor apartment in the Kingsborough Houses. I was hooked. [paragraph text] Like my hero, Neill deGrasse Tyson, I became entranced by the Hayden Planetarium, though I didn't think of a career in astrophysics. I did engage myself in personal science study, went to Stuyvesant HS (gotcha Neill!)and continued my science avocation. I have all of Dr Tyson's books and my name is on that disc on The New Horizons spacecraft on its way to Pluto, a favorite subject of mine.[paragraph text] [paragraph text] I try to inspire kids to science by always talking to them about math and astronomy whenever I can. I also volunteer my computer for the Seti@Home project analyzing data searching for extraterrestrial signals. [paragraph text] That's my short story.

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