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Share Your Story • Jerry Hyams • December 10, 2012

Space - Why I am motivated by it.

I was born wondering about things. As a child on one year old I would sit for hours contemplating a leaf. As I matured my interest in nature, science and our place in the cosmos has never waned.I guess reading Carl Sagan's "Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence" and The Pale Blue Dot" also had a profound effect. I believe there is no effort more enduring and in the end more rewarding than our effort to explore the universe. I also hope that in the process we may be become a little more tolerant towards one another. Our resources here on this spec of dust are running thin and there appears to be no chance of reversing planetary warming. The dedication and genius involved in scientific space research hopefully will in part be a salvation of our species. Every time I look at the heavens I know inside we cannot be alone. The advances in medicine and other knowledge to gained by going into space are unlimited. Despite all the risks we must go so we can evolve as a truly intelligent species in this cosmos.

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