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Share Your Story • RichLange • November 26, 2012

Space, The Final Frontier

I believe we should send a land/water submersible vehicle to Europa. Also, land rovers (ala Curiosity) to Ganymede and Titan. I could easily agree with the hopes and plans for exploration of virtually all the Planetary Society members who contributed. However, we have to decide how to pay for all this. So I believe the first thing to do is re-visit (or continue to visit) the expansion of industries that benefit from zero gravity research, development, manufacturing and so on. Whatever is done is going to need the support of the general public, not just space enthusiasts. If a space station were somehow commercially viable, it should be only an incremental cost to gradually bring up the components needed to assemble unmanned robotic missions to, well, anywhere. This approach should garner public support. In addition, perhaps a closer look at the Moon is in order. What does it have that we can use? What can be done there better than it can be done on earth?

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