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Share Your Story • Julian Portelli • December 10, 2012

Space 1999

As a kid I used to watch the television series of 'Space 1999'...then one day my older brother got a telescope as a gift which we used to watch the stars from the roof top of my parents house( and got bitten by mosquitoes while at it!) used to be fun thou.. I live on a mediterranean island away from city lights particularly some 30 years ago when the night sky used to be very dark.. I started reading a lot about the subject of astronomy and later became a member in a local astronomy club where I learned how to observe the night sky properly and got to see Halley comet in 1986! That event I believe was a turning point for my love of space; I even sat for an exam in astronomy and was keen on doing lunar drawings for the local astronomy club. At present I dont do much observations anymore as I would need a bigger telescope and dont have the time for it..gradually my interest has shifted to planetary science and space exploration given the frequency of missions which have been on the rise over the past years or so particularly with Galileo at Jupiter, the Mars missions and Cassini!

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