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Share Your Story • Albert M. Carter • December 10, 2012

SETI is futile, extraterrestrials are here now

An enormous amount of effort is being expended on SETI - all based on the highly questionable notion that intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy is still relying on communication via electromagnetic radiation which can travel no faster than the speed of light. This is a preposterously slow method of communication for interstellar distances. In addition, there are many credible reports of unidentified flying objects all over the world and over a vast stretch of time which are being ignored. While some of these have been debunked, there are others that clearly indicate that robot craft, at least, are at work. I myself have observed UFOs that exhibited performance characteristics far beyond anything that man has ever built - and I am a retired Air Force officer. We need to establish a group to collect the "unexplained instances" and select the most intriguing for further study. Even if we cannot directly contact the extraterrestrials in person, we stand to learn a great deal from their works. I am not convinced that has not already happened from the rapid progress we have seen in a number of key technological areas.

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