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Share Your Story • Richard McConnell • December 12, 2012

Permanent Moon Base

PARAGRAPH I believe that man's long term future in space depends on building up the necessary technology for long term habitation in extremely hostile environments, with low pressure or poisonous atmospheres or total vacuum , high radiation, low gravity,and other hazards possibly as yet unthought of. For this reason it seems clear to me that the construction of a permanent base on the Moon is essential. PARAGRAPH. This would enable the development in a real situation of the many technologies needed: in particular food production and the total recycling of all essentials to life. At least on the Moon the pioneers would not be too far from home, and could be taken off in the event of catastrophe. Any other celestial body will need to be in the correct alignment with Earth to allow this at short notice with current technologies, and all will demand long travel times. There is no other low gravity encironment available.

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