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Share Your Story • Stanley Fertig • November 26, 2012

My dream for space exploration

Hi Emily, Hmm, first, I'd like to see funding increased/restored for science at NASA. That would permit all the rest. I guess highest on my priority list would be the continuing search for extraterrestrial life. The day we find it--and I have no doubt that day will eventually come--will be without any doubt the biggest achievement of mankind since the discovery of fire. In concrete terms, I'd like to see (after successful deployment of the JWST) a mission to Europa with the ability to drill down and explore the sea. Next, something similar for Enceladus. And landing a Curiosity-like rover on Titan. And of course, follow-up missions to Mars. Finally, I'd like to see additional funding for SETI. To achieve this I would like to see at least part of my tax dollars diverted from military escapades to science missions. That's a dream which is at once achievable and of utmost importance. Thank you, sf

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