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Share Your Story • Ismo Kolehmainen • December 10, 2012

From Mars to other worlds

Space exploration is full of intriguing and fascinating objects from our backyard to the most distant galaxies. In the first place it would be very important to know whether there is or has been life on Mars. This is a major task for planetary scientists. Let's hope that Curiosity and Opportunity and their teams are able to reveal the truth - be it negative or positive it will have an impact on our understanding on life. Continue exploring the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. As we all know Europa and Titan are extremly interesting objects in mankind's quest for life on other worlds. The agenda for finding life on other worlds is exploding because of hundreds of new discoveries of exoplanets. Pick up for example Alfa Centauri and explore its system thoroughly. Planetary scientists will not be out of job in the future...

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