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Share Your Story • john • December 5, 2012

Earth without exploration

Honestly, it wouldn't be too different than today, at first. We, as a species, tend to live our lives on a day-to-day basis, and thus our vision for our future is limited to the end of each day. As a result, we usually go through our lives, without having done anything except lived, and maybe raised a family. So, for most of us, it would be no different. At first. Then as time goes on, and population increased, and resources eventually become used up, then the future would surely be different. Each day might be a trial in order to find the food in order to survive, and there might well be sweeping plagues which periodically clean things up, but then far too soon, the difference would be made up with new children. And we would live that life until the resources had been so diminished into fragments that it would no longer be an easy thing to build anything new, let alone consider something as 'hard' as leaving the planet. And if we were 'democratic', well, we just never would leave at that point, since the self-interest of the vast majority would ALWAYS over-rule even the attempt to leave the planet, let alone actually accomplishing leaving since there would not be enough people willing to commit the sacrifices necessary.

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