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Share Your Story • Thomas Wm. Hamilton • December 10, 2012

Collectivism Rules The Universe

With The USA dropping all pretense of human space travel, the People's Republic of China landed two dozen of its citizens on the Moon in 2024, where they proclaimed the Lunar People's Socialist Republic, demanded membership in the United Nations, and quoted the two century old Monroe Doctrine in closing space to all who lacked their permission. The Russian Federation soon reinstated its Communist Party under Chinese pressure, and twenty three of the then twenty eight NATO nations renounced NATO and signed a renewed Warsaw Pact. When the USA defaulted on its debt, China offered to cover the debt in return for military bases in North America, which the Americns had no choice to accept, especially after Russia reclaimed Alaska, Hawaii reinstituted its independent monarchy, and Cuba seized Florida. By 2050 there was no question about whom Earth and the rest of the Solar System would belong to.

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