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Share Your Story • Jeff Chamberlain • December 10, 2012

An industrial foothold...

I want to see us stretch out and continue to explore the many dramatic features around the solar system. From the seas of Titan to the slopes of Olympus Mons. Be it through traditional robotic machines, remote telepresence, or direct human presence, I want us to peer into it all, one way or another. But more than that, I want to get beyond the engineering of earth manufactured craft and probes, to a future where the industrial infrastructure driving it forward is operating in a self sustaining fashion beyond LEO. Where the materials and fuel that go into the craft and machines are mined from nearby asteroids, or the moon (which ever turns out to be more practical), ferried to manufacturing facilities that are resting at some strategic Lagrange point, and crafted on the spot. Where it is primarily only people, and maybe other organics which aren't available elsewhere, that need to be pushed out of the gravity well we call Earth.

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