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3QD Finalist!

Ryan Anderson • June 12, 2010

It looks like my MSL: Mars Action Hero post is a finalist in the 3 Quarks Daily science blogging contest. The winners will be chosen by none other than Richard Dawkins.

Full Triple-J Laser Interview

Ryan Anderson • June 08, 2010

Hey, remember when I was randomly interviewed by the Australian radio station triple j a few weeks ago as part of their feature on the 50th anniversary of the laser?

Official launch and landing dates announced for Curiosity

Emily Lakdawalla • May 21, 2010

Yesterday the Jet Propulsion Laboratory formally announced the launch dates chosen for Curiosity, the next generation Mars rover also known as Mars Science Laboratory.

Talking Lasers on Aussie Radio

Ryan Anderson • May 13, 2010

Through a crazy random happenstance, I was just interviewed by a friend of a friend of a friend at Australian radio station 'triple j' for a feature on lasers!

Happy, happy day: We may see the right MastCam on MSL after all

Emily Lakdawalla • March 26, 2010

I heard some absolutely terrific news about the MSL mission yesterday.

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