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Instructions for Guest Bloggers

Thank you for providing your expertise to the thousands of readers of The Planetary Society blogs! Please submit your blog entry by email to your contact person at the Society. Your submission should consist of:

Answers to some frequently asked questions about guest blogging

How long should the article be?
Blog entries can be of any length; write the entry to the length it seems to want to be. A good target is 500 to 1500 words, but we often post entries that are much longer.

Do I need to include images?
Articles need to have at least one image, because including images makes articles more popular on social sharing websites. Feel free to suggest one that's already in our image library.

Will you edit the article?
Yes, we proofread articles before posting. Some get more heavily edited than others. If a post has been edited only lightly (fixing typos, spelling out acronyms, minor grammatical changes), we may post it without asking for your review. If your post is more heavily edited, we will provide you with the opportunity to review the post before we make it live.

Some guidelines for writing for the public

Our audience loves detail and the sense that they are getting more depth than is available on mainstream news sites. Don't fear to share technical detail. Here are some tips on how to make technical information easier to understand.

Some special notes about blogging conferences

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