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Donna StevensApril 15, 2016

Spring Issue of The Planetary Report Has Arrived!

The Spring 2016 edition of The Planetary Report has just printed and will arrive at our mail house this week.  Any member who wants a digital copy can download the issue here

March Equinox 2016 issue of TPR
March Equinox 2016 issue of TPR

The Planetary Society

If you are reading this page, you probably also read our blogs. But, for any of you members who don’t, we want to make sure you are aware of the bonanza of fresh, in-depth material that appears regularly on This issue of The Planetary Report is dedicated to the Society’s not-to-be-outdone blog. 

Emily Lakdawalla starts things off by recounting how and why she created the blog 10 years ago—and how it evolved into what it is today.

For the stories themselves, we chose a handful from the latter half of 2015 and made sure they represented a range of topics from the technical and scientific, to historic, to just plain fun.

Plus, Casey Dreier urges members to vote for space, Bruce Betts keeps our sky watching up-to-date, and Bill Nye celebrates our ever-expanding outreach.

The Planetary Society works tirelessly to empower the citizens of Earth to advance space science and exploration, and we produce many great products to support that goal. The Planetary Report, however, is a gift we create specifically for our members. If you’d like to receive your own copy, join us. You’ll have something good to read as you help shape humanity’s future in the cosmos.


Donna Stevens
The Planetary Report

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