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Emily LakdawallaMay 18, 2018

Eleven perijoves

Seán Doran has made a cool visual index to the images that JunoCam took during Juno's first 12 closest approaches to Jupiter. The resolution on the click-to-enlarge version is high enough to clearly see which features Juno approached close to as it neared Jupiter's equator, but not quite high enough to see polar features. For those, you can go look at the version that Seán posted to Gigapan, which has lots more pixels (more than 3 billion!).

Perijoves 1-12

NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / Seán Doran

Perijoves 1-12
An image summary of the JunoCam images taken during Juno's first 12 close approaches to Jupiter. There are only 11 sets of images because no imaging was performed on Perijove 2. Dates of the 12 perijoves pictured here are as follows: (PJ1) 27 Aug 2016; (PJ3) 11 Dec 2016; (PJ4) 2 Feb 2017; (PJ5) 27 Mar 2017; (PJ6) 19 May 2017; (PJ7) 11 Jul 2017; (PJ8) 1 Sep 2017; (PJ9) 24 Oct 2017; (PJ10) 16 Dec 2017; (PJ11) 8 Feb 2018; (PJ12) 1 Apr 2018. See this composite in high resolution at Gigapan.

If, like me, you mostly can't name features in Jupiter's clouds other than the Great Red Spot, you will find John Rogers' maps and commentaries useful. Here is a list of all his posts about Juno's images from Perijoves 1-10, and here is where Rogers is building a list of posts for Perijoves 11 and beyond. Rogers has also posted a handy list (PDF) of the dates, times, and geometric information for perijoves 1-22.

Read more: pretty pictures, data art (was amateur image processing), Juno, Jupiter

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