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Emily LakdawallaSeptember 16, 2014

Mars Orbiter Mission arrival timeline

Edit Sep 21: Some of the times in the Pacific Time column were not correct when this was originally posted. I have fixed the error. Sorry and thanks to Sameer for pointing out the error in the comments.

Mars Orbiter Mission's fated arrival day is approaching fast! ISRO released a timeline of the critical orbit insertion events yesterday, and I thought it would be handy to people for me to convert this to some other time zones. Also, one item in the ISRO timeline made it clear that all of the times they are mentioning in public communication are spacecraft event time -- that is, the time on the spacecraft's clock when the events take place. But we on Earth will be 224 million kilometers from Mars on that day, and it will take 12.5 minutes for the signals from the spacecraft to reach Earth. So I have also added those 12.5 minutes to the times listed below, making them Earth Received Time. These are the times on our clocks when we will hear from the spacecraft...or not. If these times change at all, I will update this blog entry with new information.

MAVEN orbit insertion burn start -- not part of Mars Orbiter Mission, of course, but an important Mars event in this time period! -2d Sep 22
Sep 22
Sep 22
Sep 21
Mars Orbiter Mission test fire main engine  -1d 17h Sep 22
Sep 22
Sep 22
Sep 22
Change over to Medium Gain Antenna -3h Sep 24
Sep 24
Sep 23
Sep 23
Forward rotation starts -21m Sep 24
Sep 24
Sep 24
Sep 23
Eclipse starts -5m 13s 07:24:49 03:54:49 01:54:49 18:54:49
Attitude control with thrusters -3m 07:27:02 03:57:02 01:57:02 18:57:02
MOI start   07:30:02 04:00:02 02:00:02 19:00:02
Mars occultation start +4m 18s 07:34:20 04:04:20 02:04:20 19:04:20
Telemetry off +5m 07:35:02 04:05:02 02:05:02 19:05:02
Eclipse ends +19.48m 07:49:31 04:19:31 02:19:31 19:19:31
MOI end +24m 14s 07:54:16 04:24:16 02:24:16 19:24:16
Reverse maneuver start +25m 14s 07:55:16 04:25:16 02:25:16 19:25:16
Mars occultation ends +27m 38s 07:57:40 04:27:40 02:27:40 19:27:40
Telemetry resumes +30m 14s 08:00:16 04:30:16 02:30:16 19:30:16

For more information about orbit insertion events, read this guest post by Srinivas Laxman.

Mars Orbiter Mission at Mars


Mars Orbiter Mission at Mars

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