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Emily LakdawallaJuly 31, 2011

Mountains rising for Opportunity

The views from Opportunity of Endeavour's near and distant rim peaks are getting ever more vertical as Opportunity approaches Cape York. Here is a terrific video summarizing the last four months of driving:

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NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell / Glen Nagle (Astro0)

Journey to Endeavour Crater
The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity continues her journey across the great Meridiani Planum towards Endeavour Crater. This compilation of images shows the journey from sol 2553 to sol 2671.

Here's a nice panoramic view of the mountainous rim to the south:

Endeavour's eastern rim, Opportunity sol 2671

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell / Damien Bouic

Endeavour's eastern rim, Opportunity sol 2671
On sol 2671 (July 30, 2011), Opportunity looked to the south to see the peaked western rim of Endeavour crater. Cape Tribulation is the nearest, followed by Cape Byron and Cape Dromedary. Far in the distance, a lighter line of mountains is the distant rim of Iazu crater.

Opportunity has only about 300 meters to go to reach the toe of Cape York, depending on which heading she travels over the next couple of days. Only 360 meters southeast to Spirit point. This week will probably see the end of the Endeavour crater trek, and the start of a new phase in the mission!

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