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Emily LakdawallaJuly 30, 2005

Cassini tour page revised

Cassini mission planner Dave Seal just gave me the latest reference trajectory for Cassini, so I've gone through and updated the flyby altitudes on the Cassini tour page. I went ahead and added apoapsis dates and distances too, which weren't on there before. There weren't any Earth-shattering changes, though I did notice that the Iapetus flyby distance was lowered a good bit. Dave did tell me that the tour will have to be updated again because it looks like the planned lower limit of 950 kilometers for Titan flybys is just too low for comfort.

We are entering a long season of great Cassini flybys of Saturn's moons -- here's the list. The ones with * next to them are the closest that Cassini is planning to view that particular moon throughout the whole mission.

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