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Casey DreierJanuary 17, 2014

[Updated] Let's Blitz Congress!

Space Exploration Legislative Blitz, Feb 23rd - 25th

Update: The blitz is at capacity! Thank you to everyone for signing up and to everyone else for all of your interest. I'll be posting updates after the blitz in February. --Casey

The Space Exploration Alliance (of which The Planetary Society is part) is organizing the 2014 Legislative Blitz, happening February 23rd - 25th in Washington, D.C. We're organizing hundreds of meetings with lawmakers throughout Congress to speak up for space exploration, and we need your help.

It costs $25 to register (only $10 for students), which pays for materials and room rentals. We'll have two days of meetings and one day of training, though you can pick and choose which days you'd like to participate in. We'll train you on how to talk to lawmakers, prep you with major talking points, and guide you through the halls of Congress. We'll also have special social gatherings in the evening after both days.

The Society has focused a lot on Planetary Science funding lately, but this blitz incorporates all space exploration. This is a big picture event.

We're arguing for an increased commitment to NASA, for human space exploration of Mars, more scientific missions to the solar system and space telescopes. We're here to show that yes, people care about space exploration in the United States; that we hold in our collective hands an astonishing potential, and that we just need to decide to act.

The sooner you register the better decisions we can make regarding meetings, rooms sizes, etc. So please register as soon as you can and join us in Washington, D.C. this February. (You'll have to make your own decisions regarding places to stay, but I'd recommend using Kayak or AirBNB to book rooms close to the Capitol building).

I'll post more details about this in coming weeks, but also make sure to pass it along to your friends.

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