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Casey DreierJanuary 24, 2013

Planetary Society Hangout: Jan 24th, 2013 - Hunting Asteroids with Gary Hug

Thursday at noon PST/3pm EST/20:00 UT

Gary Hug is an asteroid hunter. He scans the skies every night looking for new near-Earth objects and refining orbital measurements for existing ones. He is also one of the Planetary Society's Gene Shoemaker Fellows, which is our program to provide highly-skilled amateur astronomers with the equipment and support needed to continue the search for potentially hazardous asteroids. 

Join Casey Dreier and Dr. Bruce Betts, who manages the Shoemaker program, as they talk to Gary Hug about how he hunts the night skies, the new NEO he discovered in January, and what drives him.

UPDATE 2013-01-27:

See Bruce's Blog post about Gary's most recent discovery of a near-Earth asteroid on January 7th, 2013.

The links mentioned by Gary Hug at the end of the show:

How to start observing and turning in data to the MPC on asteroids:

Once one has a sense of working with asteroids in general, here's a website that's a bit more specific to working with NEO's

The astrometry software I use is called Astrometrica by Herbert Raab -  Linz, Austria

Of course I'd be glad to answer questions;

Read more: citizen science, near-Earth asteroids, podcasts and videos, explaining science, Shoemaker NEO Grants

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