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Casey DreierNovember 7, 2012

Write the President: Re-election Edition

For the past few weeks we've been asking you to write the White House and share with the President your support of planetary exploration. This is to influence the 2014 budget, where we hope to reverse the cuts proposed earlier this year. By restoring these funds for 2014, NASA can start working on the next big missions for 2018 and 2020.

This was a little iffy right before the elections, but the budgetary inertia tends to cross administrations, so we felt that there was real opportunity here to make a difference.

With the re-election of the President, our job just got easier. The budget being put together right now will be the budget presented in February. We need to make an impact on it and get buy-in on NASA's missions to Europa and a Mars Sample return now, we can't depend just on Congress.

We've sent over 16,000 letters so far. Let's get thousands more.

If you haven't written, write!

If you've written, tell your friends to write!

Remember, this is a very small amount of money we're trying to restore, though it has big consequences for NASA's mission capability. We can make a difference, the Administration needs to know the public is behind this.

Write the President Today!

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