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Bruce BettsDecember 19, 2014

Random Space Fact Videos

Random Fun for the Holidays

Need a break from holiday snacking? Looking for a way to entertain your kids for hours—or for at least ten minutes? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what your voice would sound like on Mars? Wonder no more! This holiday season, be sure check out our new Random Space Fact videos. We release a new one every Friday. Sometimes a special guest appears, starting in episode 10 with my boss, Bill Nye. As of today, we’ve released 11 videos, each designed to give you at least one space fact and one laugh in one minute. 

Perhaps a little background is in order. I started doing Random Space Facts without the videos back in the ’90s as a way to give some really cool, interesting pieces of space information in a brief format. My goal then and now is to appeal to those just looking for short attention space science as well as true space enthusiasts. I had always found those tidbits of info that make you think, “Wow” to be really fun. And with space and space exploration there is plenty of wow to work with. I combined Random Space Facts with easy things to see in the night sky and other tidbits and put them out via a small email list and handed them out to school field trips. I also recorded them weekly on a phone answering machine that people could call. Yeah, it was the ’90s.

All that morphed into the very enjoyable What’s Up segment I do every week on Planetary Radio with host Mat Kaplan. Next in the RSF evolution was social media with Twitter (@RandomSpaceFact), Facebook, and Google+.

Now, with the direction, editing, and visual effects of the very talented Merc Boyan, Random Space Facts have gone video. This has allowed me to bring out the serious side of my personality more than ever before (sarcasm). We are hoping to reach Planetary Society members and new audiences, old and young, and dogs and cats (well, maybe not cats). So try out the playlist below, sample individual episodes on our website, or go straight to YouTube, and remember to subscribe to our Planetary Society YouTube channel for easy access. I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoy making them.

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