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Bruce BettsApril 11, 2014

Intro Astronomy 2014. Class 8: Icy Galilean Satellites, Saturn System

In my 8th class of my Introduction to Planetary Science and Astronomy class at CSUDH, I explore the threat of near Earth asteroids and introduce the Jupiter System. The video is below. For more information about the class, see my class page,

This lecture covers the Icy Galilean Satellites (Europa, Ganymede, Callisto) of Jupiter, and the Saturnian System including atmosphere, interior, rings, and moons including Enceladus and Titan. The lecture begins with an announcement of passing and tribute to Dr. Warren Ashley. Recorded at California State University Dominguez Hills.

In the next class, we will explore the Uranian and Neptunian systems including atmospheres, interiors, rings, and moons including Triton.

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