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Bruce BettsFebruary 28, 2014

Intro Astronomy Class 4: Eclipses, Mercury, Venus-Earth-Mars Atmospheres, Venus

In my fourth class of my Introduction to Planetary Science and Astronomy class at CSUDH, I begin with a look at eclipses and then explore Mercury, the atmosphere of Venus, Earth, and Mars, and finish up with Venus. The video is below. For more information about the class, see my class page,

This lecture covers eclipses, Mercury (characteristics, geology, core, exploration, water ice at poles), the Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres/Triad Planets -- a comparison of Venus, Earth, and Mars and why their atmospheres are so different, including discussions of the Greenhouse Effect, temperature systems (Kelvins, Celsius, Fahrenheit), and plate tectonics; and Venus (characteristics, geologic evolution, exploration).

In the next class, I will continue our exploration of Venus and also take a close look at Mars.

Read more: atmospheres, Mercury, Venus missions before 2000, Akatsuki (Planet-C), Venus Express, MESSENGER, Mariner 10, weather and climate, planetary astronomy, history, Venus, explaining technology, Earth, geology, Planetary Society Video, impact cratering, explaining science, Mars, Planetary Society, explaining image processing

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