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Bill NyeAugust 20, 2012

We're going back to Mars in 2016!

Today, NASA announced the newest Discovery-class mission, a Mars lander called InSight. It's not a rover; it's a drill that will go down 5 meters and help us figure out what happens in the core of our neighboring terrestrial planet. We should all keep in mind that along with the selection of this mission, NASA had to choose not to do two other fantastic missions, one to hop from place to place around a comet, and another that would have gone to Titan and float a boat on its liquid natural gas ocean. How cool would these have been? The price of these "Discovery Class" missions is so low compared to many, many other things that NASA and our government do. It's heartbreaking.

We at the Planetary Society are working to get a microphone on this spacecraft to hear the sounds of Mars at last.

Meanwhile, on to Mars!

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