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Apollo 13 50th Anniversary

The Planetary Society is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, which launched on 11 April 1970. Disaster struck on 13 April, prompting the crew's infamous "Houston, we've had a problem" call for help. Learn what happened, and how NASA got the astronauts home safely on 17 April.

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BepiColombo Earth flyby

Europe and Japan's BepiColombo spacecraft, which launched in 2018, will fly by Earth on 10 April and use our planet's gravity to swing towards the inner solar system. Learn more about this mission and why we study Mercury.

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No descent images or sounds from Phoenix

Emily Lakdawalla • November 15, 2007

A couple of days ago Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) issued a news notice that explains some of the horse-trading that went on behind the scenes to rescue MARDI, the descent imaging camera that they are building for the Mars Science Laboratory rover.

MSL: Landing site downselections

Emily Lakdawalla • October 29, 2007

After three days of presentations, voting, and extended discussions, the "Mars community," as represented by something over 100 scientists who decided to attend the second Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landing site selection meeting in a process that was open to all, have narrowed down to six the number of potential MSL landing sites.

MSL landing site selection meeting: Day 2 site-by-site presentations

Emily Lakdawalla • October 25, 2007

Unlike the Mars Exploration Rover mission, which featured two golf-cart-sized landers, this time we have only one giant, Volkswagen beetle-size. So at the end of this process we have to pick our favorite place on Mars, not our favorite two places.

MSL sites, comet outbursts, and other stuff

Emily Lakdawalla • October 25, 2007

The latest on MSL landing sites, a look at comet outbursts, and links to other stuff.

Mars Science Laboratory is going to be HUGE

Emily Lakdawalla • June 20, 2007

Yesterday I deposited the baby with her grandmother and went to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a press junket to the opening of their new Mars Yard.

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