The 2021 Day of Action

Connecting Planetary Society members with Congress

The Day of Action is an annual event that connects Planetary Society members with their representatives in Congress to advocate for space. This year's Day of Action will be entirely virtual. 

Training day: Sunday, 28 March 2021
Day of Action:  Wednesday, 31 March 2021.

Already registered? Visit our Participants page for additional information, assignments, and event information.

We Provide the Meetings

After you register, we arrange a minimum of three meetings with your representatives (both Senate offices and your Representative in the House) and other relevant offices. Meetings can be either with staff or with the elected official, depending on availability. A full schedule will be provided to you in advance of the event.

We Provide the Training

In the months leading up to the Day of Action, we provide online resources to become familiar with relevant areas of space policy and politics. On 28 March, from 11am PT - 2pm PT, The Society's advocacy team hosts an online training session. Our training ensures you have time to practice your pitch to congressional offices, gives you an opportunity to meet your fellow group members, and helps you learn about the current political and budgetary landscape facing NASA and space exploration in the United States.

We Provide your Key Messages

Haven't been following the ups and downs of space policy? No worries! We provide you with key messaging and detailed policy requests that are in-line with The Planetary Society's core enterprises and interests: planetary exploration, planetary defense, and the search for life.

Who Can Register?

Any U.S. resident over 18 years old is welcome. Individuals under 18 may participate with the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Those outside the U.S. can pledge to take action online to help us spread the word about our space priorities on 31 March.

What's It Like?

"I can't tell you how wonderfully, awesomely inspiring it was to be able to personally make a difference in the Day of Action, meeting with actual policymakers about space and space exploration." – David K.

"The Day of Action was an incredible opportunity and experience. Not only did it make you feel more connected to The Planetary Society, but it made you feel proud of our government and the process by which you can advocate as an American citizen." – Lee S.

"Participating in the Day of Action was my first chance to actually do something meaningful for the field I hope to one day be a part of. If you love seeing what NASA can do, you should come show your support this year in DC!" – Makenzie L.

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You can also read a summary of our most recent Day of Action in February 2020. 

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How We Work: Space Policy & Advocacy

Space exploration doesn't just happen—it requires a vigilant and educated public to demand support for this unique program. The Planetary Society runs a comprehensive effort empower its members to become effective space advocates.