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Hangouts and Webcasts

Student Astronaut 10th Anniversary Hangout

For Spirit and Opportunity's 10th anniversary of their landing on Mars, Emily Lakdawalla checks in the student scientists who participated in the Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars project.

Planetary Radio LIVE Webcast of LADEE's Launch to the Moon

Join lunar scientist Dr. David Paige, LADEE EPO Coordinator Brian Day, Bill Nye, and the Society's Mat Kaplan and Dr. Bruce Betts in front of a crowd of 150 space fans as they celebrate LADEE's launch to the Moon.

Special Hangout: Curiosity's First Year on Mars with Dr. Ashwin Vasavada

We celebrate the first full year of operations on the martian surface with Deputy Project Scientist Dr. Ashwin Vasavada from JPL

Planetary Society Hangout: What's going on with Planetary Science cuts?

Planetary Society Advocacy Coordinator Casey Dreier discusses the background and latest funding problems facing Planetary Science at NASA. Emily Lakdawalla joins him to talk about her visit to Washington, D.C. to talk about planetary missions.

Planetary Society Hangout: A Day in the Life of the Opportunity Rover with Emily Dean

Emily Dean has worked on Opportunity since its inception, starting when she was a high school student. While working on the mission, she followed her passion in art and architecture, and still works on Opportunity to this day. We explore how her unique background affects her work and what it's like to work on Opportunity day to day (or is it sol to sol?).

Hangout on Air with Michael Puzio, Kid Who Named Asteroid Bennu

Meet the kid who named Bennu! Bennu will be the target of NASA's OSIRIS-REx sample return mission. The name was suggested by 9-year-old Michael Puzio in a contest that attracted more than 8000 entries.

Planetary Society Hangout: 2014 NASA Budget Update and Planetary Defense Conference Recap

Our weekly hangouts continue with an update on the 2014 NASA Budget proposal, the 2013 Planetary Defense Conference, and Mars One

Planetary Society Weekly Hangout: The Ice Giants, with Heidi Hammel

My guest was Planetary Society Board vice president Heidi Hammel. We discussed two planets near and dear to our hearts, Neptune and Uranus. What's new on these icy worlds since Voyager 2 passed by, and what are the prospects for their future exploration?

2014 NASA Budget Hangout: Initial Reactions

We take questions and analyze the White House's 2014 NASA budget proposal.

Planetary Society Weekly Hangout: Programming in the Sciences

Should all scientists be required to get formal training in computer science? Should they release their code as open-source software to the public? We talk with Chase Million, founder of Million Concepts, which provides scientific programming contracting to research scientists.

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