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Random Space Fact

You've heard it on Planetary Radio, you've seen it on Twitter, now watch Random Space Fact on YouTube! 

How many stars are in the known universe? What's the oldest spacecraft still in orbit? How massive is Jupiter? Watch our weekly Random Space Fact series to find answers to these kinds of questions.

Are you an educator? Here are some ideas to help you get started with using RSF videos in your classroom. Can't stream YouTube from the classroom? Download all RSF episodes here (2 GB).

Here is a list of all RSF videos including topics so you can search for topics of interest.

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Globular Clusters

Bill Nye stops by for a tasty episode about globular clusters. Part of a balanced galaxy!

How Big Telescopes Work

Bruce is at Mt. Wilson to explain how big telescopes, like the 100-inch, can look deep into space.

Hubble's Giant Universe

Bruce is feeling small at Mt. Wilson as he explains how Edwin Hubble helped define our place in space.

Hammers and Feathers

What happens when you drop a hammer and a feather on the Moon? Find out in this Random Space Fact featuring special guest, Physics Girl - Dianna Cowen!

SOFIA's New Zealand Adventure

Prior to the New Horizon's flyby, NASA's flying observatory, SOFIA, traveled all the way to New Zealand to observe Pluto's occultation.

Space Altitudes

Go to new heights in this week's Random Space Fact.

Wet-Dry Worlds

This desert episode of RSF will quench your thirst for Random Space Facts. Mars Madness!

Martian Gypsum

In honor of MARS MADNESS, Bruce shows us some of the evidence that led scientists to understand that Ancient Mars had running water.

Neptunian Winds

Hold on to your hats! This week's RSF is all about high wind speeds.

Viking Lander 1

MARS MADNESS!! Bruce is back at the California Science Center for this week's RSF about the Viking 1 Lander and the first clear image of the surface of Mars.

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