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The Planetary Post

Spacecraft Bonanza - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, helps NASA send a message to Voyager 1 and Picardo is back to update you about Cassini, OSIRIS-REx, and LightSail 2.

Farewell Cassini - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

Bill Nye celebrates the total solar eclipse of 2017 at Homestead National Monument as part of our partnership with the U.S. National Parks and Picardo has a very special goodbye song for the Cassini Mission.

Starshade & Eclipses - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is coming up! We're getting ready with the U.S. National Parks Service and a new Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer activity book. Also, Starshade is new technology being studied by a team at JPL/NASA and Picardo has the inside scoop.

Dinosaurs vs. Asteroids - The Planetary Post

The dinosaurs didn't have a space program, but we do! Learn more about what we're doing to protect the Earth from asteroids and how you can help.

Defending Our Planet, Featuring Dr. Amy Mainzer - The Planetary Post

How can we protect the Earth from an asteroid impact? Watch this episode of The Planetary Post with special guest Dr. Amy Mainzer of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Also, CEO Bill Nye continues our co-founder Carl Sagan's vision for solar sailing with a special appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

March for Science - The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

March for Science participants join host Robert Picardo in support of space science and exploration in Washington, D.C.

Tim Russ at the Griffith Observatory - The Planetary Post

In this update from The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo: star parties are magical events where one can observe the wonders of our night sky...and have a surprise Star Trek: Voyager reunion. Also, news about seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a red dwarf star, plus learn how you can help prevent an asteroid impact disaster.

The Planetary Post - 2016: A Magnificent Year for Space Exploration

Space exploration had a very exciting year, from Scott Kelly's record-breaking Year in Space aboard the ISS to a launch to an asteroid and much more in between. Robert Picardo takes a look back at some of the space science highlights of 2016.

The Planetary Post - Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot

A reading of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot by Star Trek's Robert Picardo, who also serves as a member of The Planetary Society Board of Directors and is the host of our monthly email newsletter, The Planetary Post.

The Planetary Post - The Cosmos Award

Welcome to the ninth installment of The Planetary Post. This month, host Robert Picardo tells us the history of the Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science, named in honor of our co-founder Carl Sagan. Sign up for our newsletter at

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