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The Planetary Society Says Thank You!

To show our gratitude for your support, The Planetary Society staff and partners around the world send you heartfelt thanks via this short video.

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Planetary Radio LIVE: MSL Curiosity Project Scientist John Grotzinger and Project Manager Richard Cook


Discoveries on Mars are rolling in as Curiosity rolls across the planet's surface. We celebrate the powerful rover and its spectacular mission with the leaders of the Curiosity team at JPL, Project Manager Richard Cook and Project Scientist John Grotzinger.

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Planetary Society Hangout: GRAIL's Demise, Curiosity Arrives (at Yellowknife), and the 2020 Rover Surprise


Emily Lakdawalla and Bruce Betts join Casey Dreier to talk about GRAIL's upcoming "deorbit", the current update on Curiosity, and what's next for the newly-announced 2020 rover mission.

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Planetary Society Hangout Dec 6 2012: Curiosity update and the 2020 rover


Join Emily Lakdawalla and Casey Dreier for a discussion of the Curiosity kerfuffle and NASA's future rover plans. Casey reported on location from the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

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AGU Day 1: Curiosity News Update


  • Emily Lakdawalla, Senior Editor and Planetary Evangelist, The Planetary Society

Planetary Society Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla summarizes the latest science returns from NASA's Curiosity rover as presented on day one of the American Geophysical Union's 2012 Fall conference in San Francisco.

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Cosmoquest Science Hour, November 21, 2012: No, Curiosity did not find life on Mars


In which Emily Lakdawalla tries to tamp down Fraser Cain's enthusiasm about whatever it was that SAM found on Mars. We're discussing this NPR story.

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At Home In Space: Dawn Mission's Marc Rayman Takes Us on a Tour of His Home


  • Marc Rayman, Dawn chief engineer and mission director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dawn Mission Director Marc Rayman is a lifelong space enthusiast. His tasteful home provides the evidence.

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Carl Sagan Day 2012 Tribute


The Planetary Society held a special tribute show for our co-founder, Carl Sagan, on what would have been his 78th birthday. We were joined by Carl's friends and colleagues, including Louis Friedman, Kip Thorne, and Lynda Obst.

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Cosmoquest Science Hour, November 7, 2012: Curiosity update with SAM deputy principal investigator Pamela Conrad


Enjoy an hour of explanation of Curiosity's Sample Analysis at Mars instrument with Emily Lakdawalla and Pamela Conrad.

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Learning About PlanetVac at Honeybee Robotics


  • Kris Zacny, Vice President and Director of Exploration Technology, Honeybee Robotics
  • Bruce Betts, Director of Projects, The Planetary Society

Bruce Betts tours Honeybee Robotics, creator of PlanetVac, an elegantly simple soil sample collection technology that will be tested with support from the Planetary Society.

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