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Planetary Deep Drill

The Planetary Deep Drill is the first of its kind. Honeybee intends to fulfill one of the biggest needs for subsurface planetary exploration: lightweight, portable drills that pack enough punch to probe deep beneath planetary surfaces.



Our Global Volunteer Network

We have Outreach Coordinators around the planet who organize local events, bringing people together to learn and celebrate space science and exploration. Check out to find your local volunteer group!



Bill Nye Introduces Planetary TV!

Bill Nye and Merc Boyan introduce The Planetary Society's new one-stop shop for all videos. Take a tour of to discover each of our series: Random Space Fact, Other Worlds, The Space Advocate, and SciTech.



Spacecraft Dawn's Voyage to Ceres

How is Dawn able to orbit two extraterrestrial worlds? Dr. Bruce Betts has this week's Random Space Fact!



Exploring Other Worlds with Carl Sagan

Sail with us back in time to 1983. Join Carl Sagan as he introduces you to The Planetary Society. Although we have grown and changed over the years, our core values and goals remain the same.



Intro Astronomy 2015. Class 5: Venus (cont.), Mars

Lecture 5 of Dr. Bruce Betts' 2015 online Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy course covers Venus (continued: surface landers, exploration), and Mars (characteristics, many types of geologic features, poles, exploration spacecraft: flyby, orbiters, and landers/rovers). Recorded at California State University Dominguez Hills.



Other Worlds - Coming Soon!

Other Worlds with Emily Lakdawalla will be a new series about the different worlds in our solar system and the robots that help us explore them.



Your Passport to Explore the Endless Frontier

Enjoy this 1989 commercial for The Planetary Society. Come with us on a voyage of discovery.



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