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Moon Rocks with BILL NYE!

A special episode of...Grandpa Space Pants??



An Introduction

Explore the behind-the-scenes process that directs the future of the U.S. space program. Learn how to become a space advocate and help change the future of exploration for the better.



In the Senate

On December 3rd 2014, The Planetary Society hosted an exploration outreach event in the Senate. Speakers included Casey Dreier, Bill Nye, Chairman John Culberson, Dr. Michael Meyer, and Dr. Kevin Hand.



Singing in the Methane

If Titan is too cold for liquid water, what does it rain? Dr. Bruce Betts has this week's Random Space Fact!



The 90s on Venus...Yo!

It may be 2015 here on Earth, but on Venus... it's always the 90s! Dr. Bruce Betts has this week's Random Space Fact.



Change the World in 2015

Feel like you're going into orbit as The Planetary Society takes you on Orion's journey into space from a Delta IV Heavy rocket on December 5, 2014. Hear inspiring excerpts from CEO Bill Nye's speech on The Future of Solar System Exploration at a Senate event in Washington D.C. on December 2, 2014. Help us change the world. Please share the video and join us in 2015!



Lightning Strikes Twice

Apollo 12's journey to the moon was electrifying. Dr. Bruce Betts has this week's Random Space Fact.



CRomnibus Update: Big News for NASA's Planetary Science Budget

Just a few days ago, the President signed into law a spending bill for the United States' 2015 fiscal year. NASA will get its best budget since 2011, and the Planetary Science Division will receive $1.44 billion—just shy of our goal of $1.5 billion. This is the best budget for Planetary Science in three years.



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