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Intro Astronomy 2015. Class 3: Telescopes, the Moon

Lecture 3 of Dr. Bruce Betts' online Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy course covers optical, radio, and space telescopes, the history, exploration, and importance of the Moon to our Solar System understanding, as well as impact cratering and lunar tides and phases. Recorded at California State University Dominguez Hills.



Eros, Asteroid of Love (featuring Robert Picardo)

The Asteroid Eros has love written all over it and Star Trek's Robert Picardo stops by to help Bruce with his acting chops on Random Space Fact with Dr. Bruce Betts!



Intro Astronomy 2015. Class 2: How We Explore Space

Lecture 2 of Dr. Bruce Betts' online Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy course covers easy things to see in the night sky without a telescope, and the electromagnetic spectrum (from gamma rays to visible to radio waves) -- what it is, and how and why we use different wavelength regions to explore planets and even learn their compositions. The class begins with guest Mat Kaplan, Media Producer for The Planetary Society and Bruce and Mat record a What's Up segment for Planetary Radio. Recorded at California State University Dominguez Hills.



Icy Worlds at JPL with Mat Kaplan

Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan visited JPL for a special media event about the Icy Worlds we're exploring this year. The President's Budget Request was also released the same day. You'll hear from Robert Pappalardo about a new start for a Europa mission which is included in the budget. Thanks to supporters like you, our advocacy efforts have been paying off!



Intro Astronomy 2015. Class 1: Tour of the Solar System

Take a tour of the Solar System in class 1 of Dr. Bruce Betts' online Introductory Planetary Science and Astronomy course at California State University Dominguez Hills.



Europa's New Start

The President has officially requested a new start for a mission to Europa, but what does that mean?



Europa is in! - Update from The Space Advocate

Good news for planetary exploration: The President's Budget Request is here and includes Europa!



NASA's Budget (part 1)

The President's Budget Request kicks off the yearly budget season in United States. It takes a year to put together, and Congress plays no part. Why is that?



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