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Come back later for more space audio! Until then, check out Planetary Radio or watch our latest videos.

Latest Videos

Curiosity is Cheap T-5 Talk at SpaceUp LA


Planetary Society Staff Casey Dreier presents his T-5 talk about why Curiosity and Planetary Science is not as expensive as people tend to think.

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Cosmoquest Astronomy Hour, Sept. 12, 2012: Curiosity update


Emily Lakdawalla and Fraser Cain talk about the status of the Curiosity mission at about sol 37, with Fraser asking Emily audience questions. At the time, Curiosity was wrapping up the commissioning of its robotic arm with its MAHLI and APXS instruments.

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Cosmoquest Science Hour, August 15, 2012: Curiosity's on Mars!


Emily Lakdawalla and Fraser Cain talk about the status of the Curiosity mission about a week after its landing, with Fraser asking Emily audience questions.

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Ann Druyan Celebrates Voyager's 35th Anniversary

Carl Sagan's collaborator and wife, Ann Druyan, recorded this eloquent and passionate greeting for the Planetary Society's celebration of the Voyager mission. Ann served as Creative Director for the creation of the Golden Record carried by both Voyager spacecraft.

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Final minutes of Curiosity EDL and first pictures from Planetfest 2012

This is the feed from Planetfest 2012 as we watched NASA TV during the final stages of the MSL Curiosity landing at JPL mission control. Bill Nye and Bruce Betts provided additional narration, and the crowd of thousands provided the huge applause. It's as close as we can get to conveying the excitement and emotion of witnessing this event.

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JPL Director Charles Elachi Encourages You to Attend Planetfest 2012

Dr. Elachi shares his passion for the landing of Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, and encourages you to join thousands of fans who will witness the dramatic landing at Planetfest 2012 in Pasadena. Everything you need is at, including information about Landing Parties around the world, and our live webcast.

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Exploring Curiosity--Part 2: The Science Instruments

Emily Lakdawalla completes her tour of the Curiosity Rover's science instruments in this Planetary Radio video segment shot at JPL.

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Exploring Curiosity--Part 1: The Cameras

Emily Lakdawalla takes Mat Kaplan on a tour of the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory Rover for this Planetary Radio video segment.

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Bill Nye Moderates "Climate Change on Earth and Other Planets"

More than 600 people attended this public event in Boulder, Colorado to hear the Science Guy and four distinguished scientists.

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Robert Picardo Drops in on Bill Nye for Planetfest

Star Trek's Robert Picardo is lowered to Earth the same way Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, will reach Mars. He joins Bill Nye to invite you to Planetfest 2012 in Pasadena on August 4th and 5th. Can't join us in Pasadena? Check to see if there is a Planetfest satellite event near you, or join the virtual celebration through our live webcast!

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More Multimedia

Bruce Betts' Online College Intro Astronomy Course 2014

Planetary Society Director of Projects Dr. Bruce Betts is teaching an online introductory college Astronomy class during Spring semester 2014. Find out how to watch live or watch the archive here. The course is through California State University Dominguez Hills.

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Consider the Following

Videos produced by Toshiba and The Planetary Society, originally aired in Times Square.

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Snapshots from Space

The Planetary Society's video series that takes you to the final frontier.

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