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Carson Decker, age 16

Carson Decker

Carson Decker, age 16

California, United States

Proposed name: Alviss

Justification for the name: "The asteroid should be named Alviss because of multiple reasons. It is a mythological reference to a Norse dwarf who was all wise and this asteroid will expand our knowledge on asteroids and increase our wisdom of the asteroids' possible role in forming our planet. He's also turned to stone in mythology and the asteroid is a large chunk of rock. Alviss also sounds like a great asteroid name. It's from Norse mythology which would be a great addition among all the Greek and Roman mythological names for celestial bodies up there to have more variety and just something from somewhere else to represent all the world's cultures' different beliefs and stories. It's also a small object in terms of the size things in space get and Alviss was a dwarf. He also crafted weapons as gifts for the gods and it's believed 1999RQ36 is rich in the building block substances that allowed life to exist."

What do you want to see next in space? "Colony on Mars."

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