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The Senate Makes Its Move: Nearly $200M less for NASA in 2018
2017/07/28 07:26 CDT

The proposed $19.5 billion would be less than the agency received in 2017, and substantially less than that proposed by the House for the coming year. More »

Space Policy and Advocacy Quarterly Update - July 2017
2017/07/11 04:59 CDT | 1 comment

The Space Policy and Advocacy team has released its first in a series of regular program updates on our activities, actions, and priorities in our effort to promote space science and exploration in Washington, D.C. More »

From Member to Member
2017/07/10 04:15 CDT

When a Society member met with his member of Congress, he told us about it, and we followed up. More »

Announcing a New Paper on NASA's Mars Exploration Program
2017/06/06 09:03 CDT | 3 comments

NASA’s robotic Mars Exploration Program is on a troubling path of decline—and decisions must be made now in order to stop it. A new report by the Society explains why. More »

NASA's 2018 budget request is here, and we broke down the details
2017/05/23 10:27 CDT

The White House's 2018 federal budget request includes $19.1 billion for NASA, which is a 3 percent drop from 2017. We broke down the details. More »

Planetary Science Just Got Its Best Budget in Years
2017/05/05 05:29 CDT | 6 comments

The President signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017, funding the U.S. government for the remainder of the fiscal year. NASA got a boost to $19.65 billion, and its Planetary Science Division saw a budget increase to $1.846 billion—its best budget in more than ten years. More »

Here's our exhaustive guide to Trump's 392-word NASA budget
2017/03/23 04:05 CDT | 13 comments

We break down every sentence from Trump's new NASA budget, so you don't have to. More »

Congress Delays Action on NASA's 2017 Budget
2016/12/09 01:02 CST | 2 comments

Congress stands ready to punt on NASA's budget, meaning the space program will have to operate on a short budgetary leash until April of next year. More »

NASA Under Trump
2016/11/18 11:22 CST | 3 comments

NASA under a Trump Administration will be hard times for Earth Science, and human spaceflight to the Moon will likely get renewed focus. However, NASA won't go anywhere if massive cuts to spending are enacted as promised. More »

Lockheed Proposes to have Humans Orbiting Mars by 2028
2016/05/19 05:30 CDT | 7 comments

Lockheed Martin proposed a system to send humans to orbit Mars in the year 2028—a concept that shares many core values with The Planetary Society's report, Humans Orbiting Mars, we released last year. More »

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Cuts to Planetary Science

Beginning in 2013, the White House has pursued cuts to NASA's Planetary Science Division which have reduced the number of new missions to explore the solar system. View the Chart >>

Current Planetary Funding Level

Currently funded at $1.631 billion for 2016. Should this level continue to grow, the program will be on the path to recovery.

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