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The Planetary Report
What's Our Next Step? On the Cover: Forty years have passed since human beings first walked on the surface of the Moon. This is astronaut Buzz Aldrin's boot, creating what would become one of the most iconic images of the 20th century—a human footprint in the grainy soil of another world. On page 4, Buzz and executive director Louis D. Friedman offer their opinions about our next steps off Earth.

Volume 29, number 4
July/August 2009

What's Our Next Step?

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4 Beyond Apollo: Where Next in Space? Buzz Aldrin and Louis Friedman share their thoughts on the future of the space program.

6 We Make it Happen! LIFE Biomodule Ready for Launch! Could cosmic hitchhikers have played a role in the origins of life on Earth? Bruce Betts discusses the society's project to help answer this question.

12 Searching for New Worlds: The Power of Many: Debra Fischer looks at the hunt for exoplanets.


11 What's Up Planets galore

18 Members' Dialogue Extremophiles, and robots vs. humans. 

19 World Watch NASA/ESA collaborations, Mars 500, and Great Britain's place in space.

20 Q&A What's up with Saturn's hexagonal north polar storm?

21 Factinos Impacts into Jupiter; Saturn's rotation rate.

22 Society News Wanted: Your e-mail address.

22 Planetary Sales Blow-out clearance sale of Planetary Society merchandise!

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